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Zirconia ceramic blade
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Oxygenates, Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2)

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Zirconia ceramic blade

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Zirconia Ceramic is usually doped with additions of some oxides (MgO, CaO,Y2O3) to make it more stable. Far now, the most widely used is Y2O3 stabilized Zirconia.Zirconia Ceramic is easier to machine than Alumina Ceramic because of the excellent fracture toughness at room temperature. The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to steel, so it can be jointed to steel parts. Zirconia Ceramic has low thermal conductivity and superior wear resistance, it is electrical conductivity above 900℃.

Typical properties:
Excellent fracture toughness
High mechanical strength and high hardness
Very good wear resistance
High corrosion resistance
Low thermal conductivity
CTE in range of steel                                          

Application examples:
Wire forming/drawing dies
Ceramic valve components (balls, seats, liners)
Ceramic pump liners
Mechanical seals
Ceramic cutting blades/knives
Grinding media
Thermal insulation components
Sandblasting nozzles
Medical and surgical component
Precision ceramic balls for bearings

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