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production, trade
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中国 太原市
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No. 11, Guangli Mechanical Processing Industrial Park, Yangqu Town, Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China
官网地址 http://w******

Our company was founded in 1996, whose predecessor is Shanxi Kaiyuan Permanent Magnet Company which researched and produced in 1988 the first magnetic field pressing machine especially for sintering NdFeB, and the first isostatic press especially for NdFeB. Later, we were dedicated to design, manufacture and service for isostatic pressing powder forming equipment.

Today, SXKYYC has become an important provider for isostatic pressing powder forming solution in China. As a high-tech enterprise officially licensed by Shanxi Province, SXKYYC owns a provincial-level small and medium enterprise technology center and has gained dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents. Meanwhile, it has core technologies and intellectual properties in superhigh pressure booster, superhigh pressure sealing and superhigh pressure exact control, etc. Meanwhile, we also have established thorough production management information system, internal training and external training systems for technical personnel and management personnel, with machining, material testing, metal pipe pry and so on required by production of isostatic presses.

To meet all kinds of production and experiment needs for powder isostatic formation, SXKYYC has designed and manufactured multiple series of isostatic pressing machines which have been widely applied in such industries as advanced ceramics, powder metallurgy, NdFeB magnetic materials and hard alloy. With the rapid development of new material industry, we will continue to make efforts to provide more intelligent, reliable and securer isostatic pressing machines and automatic production lines.

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等静压机 冷等静压机 U系列实验型一体式等静压机 S系列小型冷等静压机 C系列中小型冷等静压机 M系列大中型冷等静压机 G系列干袋式等静压机

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No. of trade staff 51-100
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Shanxi Golden Kaiyuan Co., Ltd.

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