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中国 河北省 邢台市
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West of North Section of Zhongxing Street, Lincheng Economic Development Zone, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
Company Tel 0319-7101999
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Hebei High Rich silicon nitride Material Co., LTD., founded in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and technical services of high-performance new materials. After 20 years of development, the company has begun to take shape, photovoltaic grade si3N4 powder monthly production capacity has reached 15 tons, ceramic grade si3N4 powder monthly production capacity of 10 tons, aluminum nitride powder monthly production capacity of 3 tons, refractory grade si3N4 annual production capacity of 5000 tons, silicon nitride ceramic design monthly production capacity of 10 tons.
Silicon nitride is an important structural ceramic material. As a super hard material, lubricity and wear resistance, for atomic crystal, oxidation resistance at high temperature; It can also resist the impact of cold and heat. It can be heated to more than 1000°C in the air, and can be used for manufacturing bearing, turbine blade, permanent mold and other mechanical components without breaking after rapid cooling and heating.
The ceramic grade si3N4 powder produced by Hebei High Rich Si3N4 Material Co., LTD has reached the international leading level with its small particle size and narrow distribution range, high content of phase, good sintering property and uniform particle size. Si3n4 powder and its sintering auxiliaries are processed into different ceramic products by mixing, granulating, forming and sintering process, which are used in many industries. Silicon nitride bearing, as an important basis of mechanical components with high temperature resistant, cold resistant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to electromagnetic insulation, oilless self-lubrication, features such as high speed, can be used in extremely harsh environment and are widely used in aerospace, aviation, Marine, petrochemical, automobile, electronics and national defense military and other fields, is the new materials of high-tech products.
Silicon nitride ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity, high flexural strength, heat shock temperature, long service life and high reliability etc, are widely used in high speed digital, power amplifier, and radar antenna system of advanced circuit board materials, as well as the high pressure of railway traction, hybrid electric vehicles, wind and solar energy conversion of power component module, etc.
In recent years, the product market of Hebei High-rich silicon nitrided material Co., Ltd. has been expanding continuously, and now it has covered most areas of East China, Central China, North China, South China, southwest China, northwest China and other countries and regions as well as exported to Japan, European Union and other countries and regions.
Science and technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource. The development of the company cannot do without strong technical support. General Manager Liu Jiuming attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovative talents with modern concepts. He has successively recruited more than 20 postgraduates from famous universities in China and established long-term cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Railway University, North China University of Science and Technology, etc., providing strong technical support for product research and development. In order to encourage technological innovation, the company has launched a special fund for innovation, which has greatly improved the enthusiasm of technical staff for innovation. At the beginning of the plant, the company could only produce silicon nitride powder. In 2007, silicon nitride ceramic products were officially put into production; In 2011, photovoltaic grade silicon nitride powder products rushed to the market; In 2013, the research on high-purity high-alpha silicon nitride was officially launched. In 2015, passed the national high-tech enterprise certification; In 2016, aluminum nitride was successfully developed. In 2018, silicon nitride ceramic substrate was successfully introduced. Up to now, the company has obtained more than 20 invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents and 3 software Copyrights. The company's photovoltaic grade silicon nitride, ceramic grade silicon nitride owder has reached the international advanced level, high purity aluminum nitride powder, silicon nitride formula powder have reached the leading domestic level.
Hebei Gaofu Silicon Nitriding Material Co., LTD's brilliance is inseparable from the support of scientific and technological talents, but also benefits from general manager Liu Jiuming's indefatigable struggle and its strong cohesion. He will be the company's various functional departments of employees firmly united together, forming a capable team, heart to think, fist to fight, invincible!


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Hebei Gaofu Silicon Nitride Materials Co., Ltd.

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