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Production mode
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Country / Region
Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China
No. of employees
Company address
Jiangxi electric porcelain County of Luxi province Pingxiang City Industrial Park
Company Tel 0799-7516992
官网地址 http://w******

Bocent Advanced Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a highly technological enterprise which is run by civilians on stock systems. Established in 2007, we are located in the electric porcelain industry zone of Pingxiang City, and cover more than one hundred and fifty thousand square meters. We specialize in producing honeycomb ceramic regenerators, honeycomb ceramic catalyst substrates, environmental protection foam ceramics, ceramic membranes and many others. Each month, we produce 600 cubic meter honeycomb ceramic regenerators. We also carry out highly efficient management, quality control actively, and have set up special developing, producing, selling and service system. Bocent hopes society could develop naturally and harmoniously by its hand.


Supplier Products

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Main products

RTO Honeycomb Ceramic Heat Storage Body High Temperature Flue Gas Dust Removal Ceramic Filter Element And Equipment Nano Hollow Plate Ceramic Membrane And Membrane Module PC-MBR Sewage Treatment Integrated Equipment And Sewage Treatment Project 蜂窝陶瓷蓄热体 催化剂载体及DPF 板式陶瓷膜及膜组件 PC-MBR 污水处理一体化装备 大型污水处理工程 高温烟气高效除尘陶瓷滤芯 高温烟气高效除尘装备

Production Capacity

Factory address -
Factory area -
No. of production staff 51-100
No. of R&D engineer -
No. of QC staff -
Maximum capacity -


Chemical & Metallurgy
Environment & Energy

Trade Capacity

Mode of transport
Payment Methods
Average lead time -
No. of trade staff 51-100
Main sales market worldwide

Advantage of technology

Raw materials Powder preparation
Alumina(Al2O3) Mullite(3Al2O3·2SiO2) Cordierite (2MgO·2Al2O3·5SiO2) -
Molding Sintering process
- -
Precision machining Surface treatment
- -

Bocent Advanced Ceramic Co., Ltd.

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