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trade, service
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中国 北京市
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Beijing City, Haidian District Zhongguancun South Street No. 6 Zhucheng building block B room 801
Company Tel 010-51078138
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官网地址 http://w******

Beijing Orient Sun-Tec Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2002,is located in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing City. It is the initial manufacturerthat develops, designs, and manufacture electronic ceramics casting equipmentinChina, as well as themember of Beijing advanced material Alliance. The Company hasElectronic Ceramics Department, Automobile Department, and New ProductDevelopment Department, as well as subordinate companies, including BEIJING ZHONGCHUFURNCE CO.,LTD and BEIJING XINCI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
ElectronicCeramics industry: with more than ten years accumulation, the ElectronicCeramics Department has formed LY, LYL and μ series casting machine products,as well as matching technologies, such as front-end and subsequent defoamingprocesses, cutting, Laminating, sintering, etc.; all of these products andtechnologies are widely applied to electronic ceramics, fuel cell,macromolecule and other fields. The company has marketed more than 300 sets ofvarious casting machines in total, formed the integrated service capacity fromraw materials, to equipment, technologies, and after-sales service, andobtained cognition of the massive users in theindustry.
Vacuum industry: the vacuum evaporation and sputtering equipment selledby our company are applicable to OLED, vacuum coating, and other fields.
Automobile manufacture industry: with the popularization of automobiles,automobile industry has becomes one of the pillar industries ofChina.Our company has been devoted to marketing and promoting testbed for automobileresearch and manufacture, processing units used in automobile manufacturingprocess, including engines, gearbox and other precision and tightening devices,as well as environmental friendly products related to automobiles. We provideall automobile manufacturers, supporting manufacturers, and automobiles userswith optimized solutions and more new products with professional services.
3D printing industry: in 3D printing industry, wecan provide domestic customers with 3D metal printing raw material, 3D metalmolds, relevant equipment and technologies, as well as overall solutions.
With more than 10 years’ development in theindustry, Beijing Orient Sun-Tec Co., Ltd. has obtained the trust and supportsof massive users with its high-quality products, professional marketing, aswell as honest and timely service. The Company shall continue to adhere to thephilosophy of “Being rigorous and pragmatic, insisting on technical innovation,being customer-oriented, and taking service as the priority”, and seek for thejoint development with all old and new customers.


Contact details 010-51078138 -
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3D打印 电子陶瓷流延设备 真空蒸镀溅射设备 实验用球磨机 实验用脱泡机 实验用流延机 实验用打孔机(进口)

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