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Raw materials
Oxygenates, Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2), Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)

Powder preparation


Sintering process

processing technology


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Product Line

Zirconia Grinding ball

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RSE products are used with high quality raw materials and advanced technology, the products are suitable for a variety of sand mills, ball-stirring mills, roller mills.It can crystallize as well as disperse and grind the raw materials efficiently and economically for many industries, such as electronic paste, ceramic powder, magnetic materials, battery materials, non-metallic minerals, pigments, oil, ink, calcium carbonate,medicine and so on.

RSE product has special character on high density, takes account of both the wear resistance and the production cost. The Zircon component increases the impact resistance and makes it more suitable in high linear velocity use conditions. RSE can show his advantage in high density slurry when grinding the minerals.

Product parameters

Physical Properties typical date
density(g/cm³) 4
Moh's hardness 9

Water Absorption%

compressive strength 1100N
Dia 0.8-5㎜
Chemical Properties typical date
ZrO2(%) 55-60
SiO2(%) 35


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