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Silicon Nitride Tube

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Silicon nitride combined silicon carbide products: hard and dense, Moh’s hardness is 9, there are high hardness non-metal materials, second only to diamond. And during 1200℃-1400℃, it has same strength and hardness. And the permitted maximal used temperature is 1650℃.-1750℃. And it has a small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance and antioxidant can meet using need.
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Silicon nitride is one of important structural ceramics materials. It has high hardness, good lubricity, stand wear and tear. It’s a kind of atomic crystal. Under high temperature, it is not oxidation, and also resistance to cold and hot shock. Silicon nitride usually used into manufacture bearings, steam turbine blades, mechanical seal, mechanical components.
Application:molten aluminum,zinc,copper and other nonferrous metal.

We can produce all sizes and shapes silicon nitride tubes depend on your drawing.

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