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Silicon nitride bushing with screw
Raw materials
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Nitride

Powder preparation


Sintering process
Atmospheric Pressure Sintering , 1260

processing technology


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Silicon nitride bushing with screw

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CIP forming,GPS sentering,precision machining,stable quality.

Size and precision are according to customization.


Silicon Nitride ceramic retain some performance as follows:

1. High corrosion resistance, this means they can be also used in strong acid、strong alkali except HF .

2. High temperature resistance. Si3N4 ceramic balls can still retain the strength and hardness even the temperature comes to 1000 ℃.In reducing atmosphere it can be used up to 1500 ℃.

3. Electrical insulation、non-magnetic.

4. Low density(3.26 g/cm3), high rigidity,high strength,high hardness.

5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion(3.2×10-6/K), it is nearly 1/4 of the chrome steel, which leads to a good thermal shock resistance of Si3N4 ceramic.

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