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SCR Denitration Catalyst
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SCR Denitration Catalyst

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Brief Introduction of SCR Denitration Catalyst:

In view of the flue gas characteristics ofindustrial kilns in China, our company and the Academy of Ceramic Sciences ofthe China Building Materials Academy independently developed SCRdenitration catalysts with high, medium and low temperatures at temperaturesabove 150 degrees celsius. It has the characteristics of high denitration efficiency,low sulfur dioxide conversion rate, strong poisoning resistance, highmechanical strength and long service life. And we are able to customizepersonalized denitration catalyst schemes according to different flue gasconditions, in order to obtain better denitration efficiency and economy. Ourcompany has built a modern SCR catalyst modular production line with an annualoutput of 12000 m3, ranking in the forefront of the industry. The SCR denitrationcatalyst series of China Building Materials Academy -Shinco has beensuccessfully applied in power plants, coking, cement, sintering flue gas, glassand other kiln tail gas denitration systems, and has been widely recognized bythe market.

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