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Zirconium oxide series products professionally researched and developed by HONGTAI Zirconium Technology Co., Ltd.

The optical fiber connector is a essential passive device in the light communication system , which acts as a means of realizing fast and reliable on-off connection, between fiber and equipment, fiber and instrument , as well as fiber and fiber. Zirconia pin and sleeve are now widely used in optical fiber connector featuring high precision, long service life and many other advantages, which are now gradually replacing the metalworks. With the rapid development of optical communication technology , the demand for zirconia used in optical fiber connector pin and sleeve is in a rapid growth as well.

Ceramic fiber casing is produced by advanced injection molding technology. By this way, the mechanical properties of the material of Ceramic fiber casing could be greatly improved, at the same time, the size consistency gets better, and the quality becomes very stable .

Ceramic fiber casing applies to communication networks, cable networks and data transmission network. Different sizes of products can be designed and manufactured according to different sizes needed by users.

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