Raw materials
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Nitride

Powder preparation
Solid Phase Reaction, 1258, Pyrolysis, Precipitation Method, Redox, Hydrothermal Method, Dissolution Method, Emulsification Method

Quick Parts Manufacturing Technology, Slurry Molding Method, 1259, Pressure Forming Method

Sintering process
Atmospheric Pressure Sintering , Gas Pressure Sintering Process, Hot Pressing Sintering , 1260, Enhanced Rapid Sintering

processing technology
Electronic Beam Processing, Ion Beam Processing, Anodizing, Internal Circular Grinding, Polishing Treatment, Cylindrical Grinding, EDM Electro-optical Fire Processing, Flat Grinding, 5182, Centerless Grinding, Arc Processing, Flow Processing, Grinding Flow, Grinding Jet, CNC Processing


INNOVACERA Silicon Nitride Ceramic Si3N4 Ball Grinding Balls Polishing Balls

SKUSilicon nitride high wear-resistant ball
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China • Offer certificat of origin

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) is 60% lighter than steel but strong enough to survive some of the most demanding applications in a variety of industries. This lightweight, high-strength ceramic material is used as an alternative to stainless steel, super alloys, tungsten carbides and first-generation ceramics such as Al2O3 and ZrO2. It offers excellent thermal shock resistance and high fracture toughness, compatibility with nonferrous metal melts, and improved structural reliability compared to other ceramic materials.
Product Details

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Product parameters

properties Unit 氮化硅陶瓷
Si3N4 Content % >99.5
Density g/cm3 >3.2
Hardness HRA 1600-1800
Flexrual Strength Mpa 700-800
Max Use Temperature 1200
Volume Resistivity - 10*18
Elastic Modulus Gpa 300-320
Thermal Conductivity - 15-20

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