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Hot-pressed Sintered Boron Carbide
Raw materials
Boron Carbide (B4C), Carbide

Powder preparation


Sintering process
Hot Pressing Sintering , 1260

processing technology


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Hot-pressed Sintered Boron Carbide

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Hot-pressed sintered boron carbide method is production process that simultaneously heats and pressurizes during sintering process to form densification, and obtains boron carbide ceramic material that has the best performance comparing with other sintering methods. However, due to the constraints of hot-pressing process, the obtained products have restriction in size, shape and production quantity. This process is only
suitable for small batch production of high-performed and simple-shaped products. The cost is relatively higher and the production cycle is slightly longer. Performance characteristics: high hardness (> HV3300), high strength, good wear resistance, and small density. Suitable for: hard panels in advanced bulletproof armor, blast nozzles, water cutting nozzles, etc.


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