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High aluminium grinding porcelain column
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High aluminium grinding porcelain column

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Grinding alumina porcelain column improves the grinding medium toughness and impact resistance , improves the grinding efficiency, reduces the abrasion, avoids grinding body cracking  and polluted materials are widely used in mining, ceramics industry, powder processing,etc.

Product parameters

The main physical and chemical properties and specifications
Project 92、95 porcelain pillars
Alumina content (%) 92 or 95 or higher
Water absorption (%) of 0.01 or less 0.01 or less
Bulk density (g/cm³) 3.58 or 3.65 or higher
Mohs hardness (level) 9
Compressive strength (MPa) 2000 or 2250 or higher
Colour white
Specification (㎜) Φ12×12、Φ20×20、Φ30×30、Φ50×50

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