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FCCV1 Ceramic Lined Ceramic Ball Valves
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FCCV1 Ceramic Lined Ceramic Ball Valves

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● The valve has the exceedingly high wear-proof capability, corrosion resisting, enduring capability, good heat insulation, small thermal expansion. All parts that the medium is made of struture ceramics with high chemical stability and hardness (HRC90) only inferior to diamond.

● The ball is processed by advanced polishing equipment that can ensure high circularity, accuracy, good surface quality. The self-lubricating capability of Zr02 ensures the good sealing performance.Thoroughly free from the defects that metal hard sealing has such as big torque, non-corrosion-resistant sealing surface.

● Excellent wearproof property of ceramic enables this valve have reliability and prolonged lifespan, 2-4 times of that of Titanium Alloy and Monel valve.

● The ceramic ball core has high degree of hardness, high strength, high resistance to wear and good antiseptic property, beats down any kind of that of the current anticorrosive wear-resisting alloy material, might also apply in other situations like strong corrodes and the strong attrition fluid medium switch or control and so on.

● The valve fit in granule medium of high hardness, or medium with erosive soft granule. It is also the only valve suitable for this type of medium. They are widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy,mining, power station, medicine and papermaking and so on.
Product Details

● Interferanc fit between metal part and ceramic part makes the part strong and more reliable, improves the mechanical property of the ceramic, becoming real ceramic-steel.

● Elastic washers can guarantee excellent leakproofness at any time and avoid blocking in media with impurities and cracking of balls. A wide selection of stem material options available is 316/316L, Hastelloy-c Monel metal, structure ceramic.

● Completely symetric design can ensure dual leakproofness and two-direction usage for double lifespan.

● Unique packing design can ensure closer sealing and prolonged service life.

● Various of body materials (WCB/ SS304/ SS316/ SS301)

● Alumina / Zirconia / Silicone Carbide / Silicone Nitrate


Applied to any media, but HF (Hydrofluoric Acid), with Max. Temperature 500℃ and Max. Pressure 5.0 Mpa. This valve has uncomparable advantages under using in high corrosion, and high attrition.


Application Areas:

1. power plants (FGD units, fly ash, lime & lime slurry, and gypsum, kaolin, talcum, quartz ,filtrate water with solids...)

2. waste incinerators (FGD, lime slurry, HCl scrubber water...)

3. steel production (coal powder injection,pulverized coal, converter desulphurisation of melt, lime, silica, MgO...)

4. pulp & paper (Kaolin, Bentointe, Talcum, Quartz, MgO, CaCO3, other fillers, bleachers, pulp rejects, NaOH, filtrate liquor...)

5. chemical process plants (acids, metal slurry, bases, polymers, &61548catalyst regeneration,TiO2 slurry, TiCl4, FeCl2, caustic, mixes....)

6. pneumatic conveying (sand, lime, glass, cement, ore, gypsum, powders...)

7. fertiliser: ammonium nitrate, phosphoric acids & solids

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