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production, trade
Production mode
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Zibo, Shandong, China
No. of employees
Company address
National Ceramic Engineering Center, No. 125, Liuquan Road, Zibo High-tech Zone, Zibo, Shandong
Company Tel 0533-2073501
官网地址 http://w******

Gemstone is a high tech group which integrates research, production and sales of alumina new material products. After 7 years of development , the company now owns 4 functionally independent production bases, 2 foreign trade companies and one technological equipment manufacturing companies. The main productions and business of our company include: alumina grinding medium, chemical fillings, alumina composite material, ingot bricks, isostatic pressing molding equipment, high-temperature alumina powder, disposal of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste, foreign trade import and export business, etc.

Our company is always dedicated to research and development of advanced alumina material and comprehensively building a new developing model for alumina material industry chain. We always keep maintaining leadership in alumina material industry as our core guidance, adhere to the managerial philosophy of “ seeking truth and being pragmatic, seeking constantly innovation, seeking cooperation and mutual benefits and seeking continuous development”. The enterprise spirit of Gemstone is “ being patriotic and devoted, observing law and discipline, working hard and struggling arduously, being innovative, focusing on quality, seeking excellence, performing duty, taking responsibility, serving the community and humankind”. With all these, Gemstone strives to build an outstanding and well-known enterprise both at home and abroad.

Gemstone follows a science and technology oriented principle in production, a managerial philosophy of “keep continuous improvement with great care” gradually forms a production layout which focuses on wear-resistant alumina material, chemical fillings, high-temperature alumina powder, industrial solid wastes disposal. With the excellent performance of high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, our products are widely used in various industries, mainly: mining, petrochemical industry, cement production, thermoelectric powder generation, ceramics industry, etc. After years of development and marketing our products sell well all over the world. Gemstone never cease the efforts to make contribution to industrial energy conservation and we always believe that saving energy will connect us to the world and to the future.

After seven years of development, Gemstone now owns 7 functionally independent companies:
Shandong Zhongjin Gemstone Technology Co.,Ltd
Shandong Ruihua Energy Saving Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd
Shandong Zhonghe Jinshi new material technology Co., Ltd
Shandong Yakexi Environmental Protection Advanced Material Construction Co.,Ltd
Shandong jinzhiyi import and export trade Co., Ltd
Jiangxi Yugan Gemstone Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd
Zibo PSK Machinery Co.,Ltd

Based on the present, looking into the future. Gemstone will always harbour full enthusiasm maintain positive attitude and keep striving to a higher stage of development.Only with sincere cooperation, can we make a win-win world. Nothing is impossible for a willing heart, faith moves mountains. We believe we can truly realize our “ Gemstone Dream”.


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Main products

Alumina Ceramic Grinding Media Chemical Filler Products Alumina Composite Products Dry Powder And Isostatic Pressing Equipment High Temperature Alumina Powder 氧化铝陶瓷研磨介质 化工填料制品 氧化铝复合材料制品 干粉及等静压成型设备 高温氧化铝粉体

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No. of production staff 0-50
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Chemical & Metallurgy
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No. of trade staff 0-50
Main sales market worldwide

Advantage of technology

Raw materials Powder preparation
Alumina(Al2O3) Alumina (Al2O3) -
Molding Sintering process
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Precision machining Surface treatment
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ZiBo GEMSTONE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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