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production, trade
Production mode
Country / Region
Binzhou, Shandong, China
No. of employees
Company address
Wudi County, Shandong Province Xinhai Industrial Park
Company Tel 0543-8333678
官网地址 http://w******

Shandong Hongyuan new Mstar Technology Lid is a company specializing in the production of zirconium and hafnium chemical product enterprise,is located in the Gulf of Bohai Provincal Chemical Industrial Park Xinhai Wudi County of Shandong province Binzhou City Industrial park. 200 km from the capital airport,Tianjin 120 km. 28 km from Binzhou port, Rong Wu high-speed Wudi export 8 km.Highway. waterway transportation is very convenient.

The company's advanced technology and equipment,high degree ofautomation,the international leading technology, testing means complete,now have an annual output of 26000 tons of zirconium oxychloride and all kinds of zirconium series products 6000 tons of production capacity. yield, quality ranks the forefront.The main products have low iron highpurity zirconium oxychloride,high purity two zirconium oxide,zirconium carbonate,zirconium sulfat,zirconium composite oxide and zirconia structural ceramics such as 5 categories, more than 80 varietios,is one of the most complete varieties of zirconium products manulacturer.Products of zirconium oxychloride,two zirconia for new industry each special ceramics.electronic ceramics, pigment,glaze,high-grade refractory materials,optical telecommunications equipment,solid fuelcell.mechanical parts,aircraft and spacecratt surface wear resistance and temperature resistance,the field of national defense,refractory material,artificial three oxygen catalytic exhaust processing and many other new materials.

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection,vigorously develop the circular economy,to achieve zero emissions. won the Shandong province Binzhou City Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental protection acceptance approval in 2013 April,in 2013 December the completion acceptance by Shandong province Safety Supervision Bureau in Binzhou, security facities, in 2014 January made the safety produection license. In 2012 passed the 1S09001---2008 quality management system,IS014001 environmental management system certication,the producis are exported to American.EU,Japan and other countries and regions.provide safe and reliable raw material supply for the majority of users friends,favored by foreign and domestic customers,international famous brand products.

Hongyuan,will uphold the professional,scientific,fast,accurate,the integrity of the service sp provde the best quality products and service to the customers,cooperation,win-win is our consistent pursuit,we sincerely invite customers to visit oul company.


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Zirconia 纳米复合氧化锆 二氧化锆 氢氧化锆 陶瓷刀

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Shandong Hongyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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