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Jiyuan, Henan, China
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No. 1 Plant in Circular Economy (Jianbei) Supporting Industrial Park, Sili Town, Jiyuan City, Henan Province, China
Company Tel 139*****898
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官网地址 http://w******

Jiyuan tianjia ceramics industry Co., LTD. locates in western industrial districts of Jiyuan City,Henan Province, and was founded in 1997. After more than 10 years of development, it has had fixed assets of 35,000,000 RMB, and a WISTAR10m3 high-capacity shuttle kiln made in Germany(its calcination temperature can reach 1750℃), a 3m3 high-temperature shuttle kiln, three German isostatic pressing machines, six home-made automatic dry press machines (40 ~ 500 tons as specification), and several Grinding machines.
  The company has an annual output of 1500t of alumina ceramics, composite ceramics and toughened ceramics. Its main products are all kinds of alumina ceramic pipes and rings, alumina ceramic rods, ceramic columns, ceramic balls, ceramic ball valves, mud pump ceramic liners and various large aluminum oxide irregular parts, wear-resisting plates, wear-resisting lining bricks, wear-resisting linings, ceramic grinding balls, padding balls, ceramic heat-storing balls and environmental protection ceramic balls, corundum-mullite saggers, alumina ceramic granulation powder, calcined alumina powder, luminous powder, polishing powder, and ceramic bulletproof slices used for military industry, and so on. In which six products are being applied for the National Patents.
  Our products are widely applied in industries of electronic, chemical, steel&iron, metallurgy, petroleum, coal mining, machinery equipment, textile,etc., and some hi-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, national defense, and environmental protection,etc.


Contact details 139*****898 -
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Main products

Alumina Ceramic Tube Long Afterglow Luminescent Material Alumina Powder And Polishing Powder Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball And Environmental Protection Ceramic Ball Stuffing Ball Wear-resistant Inner Lining Alumina Shaped Parts Mud Pump Ceramic Cylinder Liner Ceramic Column Alumina Ceramic Rod Alumina Ceramic Granulated Powder Ceramic Bulletproof Sheet Wear-resistant Lining Brick Ceramic Ring Wear-resistant Liner Ceramic Ball Valve Grinding Porcelain Ball Corundum Mullite Sagger 陶瓷长棒 精密陶瓷密封环 陶瓷修整环 陶瓷研磨盘 陶瓷柱塞 绝缘环/绝缘板 陶瓷管/耐磨管/耐酸碱管 耐磨耐酸碱衬板/衬砖/衬片 大型陶瓷结构件 陶瓷球/研磨球填料球/蓄热瓷球 陶瓷方舟 氧化铝高温陶瓷管 球体陶瓷 氧化 绝缘产品 其它氧化铝陶瓷件 耐磨耐高温绝缘陶瓷棒/陶瓷柱 刚玉匣钵、莫来石匣钵

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Chemical & Metallurgy
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