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production, service
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Yixing, Jiangsu, China
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Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province
Company Tel 0510-87070831
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官网地址 http://w******

Jiangsu CAXUS New Material Co.,Ltd. is devoted to the development of high-performance aluminum-based composite heat dissipation materials, aluminum alloy as the matrix,silicon carbide,graphite,diamond and other particles as reinforcement,using precision high-pressure casting technology to prepare a high-performance composite material,which has the advantages of high thermal conductivity,low expansion lightweight,and so on.The preferred heat dissipation substrates and packaging materials for electronic devices are widely used in strategic industries such as electronic communications, aerospace, smart grid, rail transit, new energy vehicles and so on.

Our company cooperates closely with Jiangnan University to master the high-pressure precision die casting technology,and has a completely independent core manufacturing process to realize near-formed die casting of products.There are 4 authorized invention patents.At present, SiC, graphite,diamond and aluminium products have been produced on a large scale, and the technical specifications of the products have fully reached the level of foreign advanced products of the same kind.


Contact details 0510-87070831 -
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Aluminum Silicon Carbide Composite 铝碳化硅 铝金刚石 铝石墨

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