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production, trade, service
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中国 广东省 东莞市
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26 Yucheng Road, Chang 'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Company Tel 134*****939
官网地址 https://w******

Dongguan Yifeng Ceramics is a ceramic technology enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and operation of zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride and silicon carbide products. The ceramic structural parts produced and sold are widely used in many high-end fields such as instrumentation, food and medical treatment, new energy, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductor, petrochemical, photovoltaic industry, automobile and military industry, aerospace and so on.
has more than 50 sets of production equipment required for the complete production of various precision ceramic products. The molding equipment includes: dry press molding machine. Cold isostatic pressure forming machine, sintering equipment is: glue discharge furnace. High temperature experimental furnace. High temperature sintering furnace.


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Main products

陶瓷板/片 陶瓷棒/杆 陶瓷环/圈 陶瓷管/套 陶瓷针 陶瓷轴 陶瓷阀 陶瓷泵 陶瓷柱塞 陶瓷零件

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Dongguan Yifeng Precision Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd.

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