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Business mode
production, trade, service
Production mode
Country / Region
Chongqing, China
No. of employees
Company address
Company Tel 191*****631
官网地址 http://w******

product presentation: Our products mainly include industrial ceramic cutting tools and ceramic structural parts. Industrial ceramic cutting tools have the following characteristics: High hardness, good wear resistance, can keep sharp for a long time; High-temperature resistance, can maintain the stability in the high-temperature environment; Light weight, which can greatly reduce the vibration and heat loss during the cutting process. Ceramic structural components have the following advantages: High strength, lightweight, suitable for various engineering applications; Corrosion resistant, keep stable in harsh environment; Good insulation performance, which can be used for high voltage and high temperature environment.


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Production Capacity

Factory address -
Factory area 30000+
No. of production staff 0-50
No. of R&D engineer 1-10
No. of QC staff 1-10
Maximum capacity 50000001-80000000


Medical & Biology
Medical Device Parts,Medical Materials And Technology
Chemical & Metallurgy
Auto & Transportation
Engine Parts,Exhaust System Components,Drive System Components,Sensors,New Energy Automobile,Heater Parts,Lighting System,Piezoelectric Devices
Aerospace & Defense
Bulletproof Parts,Military Components,Insulation Material,Lightweight Structural Materials,Coating Materials (T/EBCs),Brake System,High Temperature Structural Parts,Optical Structure
Electronic & Communication
IC Chip,Substrate,Backplane Material,Laser Element,Packaging Materials,Insulating Ceramic Material,Sensitive Ceramic Materials,The Sensor,Application Of Piezoelectric Devices,Component-capacitor,High Precision Fixture/Ceramic Nozzle Tip,Storage
Environment & Energy
Purification Device,Photovoltaic,Battery
Consumer & Household

Trade Capacity

Mode of transport UPS, FEDEX, DDP, Other
Payment Methods Wechat Pay, Alipay, Bank Transfer
Average lead time -
No. of trade staff 0-50
Main sales market worldwide, china, north_america, south_america, europe, japan_and_south_korea, south_asia_and_india, southeast_asia, middle_east, africa

Advantage of technology

Raw materials Powder preparation
- Solid Phase Reaction Sol-Gel Roller Ball Milling Pyrolysis Precipitation Method Hydrothermal Method Heating Synthesis Sputtering Method Stirring Mill Air Jetmill Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis
Molding Sintering process
Molding 3D Printing Injection Molding Hot Isostatic Pressing Dry Press Molding Hot Pressing Forming Isostatic Pressure Forming Atmospheric Pressure Sintering Vacuum Sintering Hot Pressing Sintering Hot Isostatic Pressure Sintering Reactive Sintering Atmosphere Sintering Spark Plasma Sintering Enhanced Rapid Sintering
Precision machining Surface treatment
- Grinding Ultra-precision Machining Internal Circular Grinding Polishing Treatment Honing Cylindrical Grinding Cutting Flat Grinding Grinding Centerless Grinding CNC Processing

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Main products

金属陶瓷切削刀具 陶瓷刀具 流体罐装泵阀 新能源陶瓷结构件 光纤通信陶瓷结构件 医疗器械陶瓷结构件 纺织机械陶瓷结构件 化妆品包材陶瓷外观件 半导体设备陶瓷结构件 晶元生产用陶瓷吸盘


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Equipment List


Name Quantity Brand name Model Processing size range Processing accuracy (mm) Service life
无心磨床 8 台湾荣光 RC-18S 2-50 0.001
精雕 10 北京精雕 JDLVG600E_A10H 600*450 0.01
平面磨床 10 日本冈本 UPZ525NCII 520*250 0.0005


Name Quantity Brand name Model Service life
二次元 5 长合工业 SYS-320 1
三次元 1 莱兹 PMM XI 2

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