Xiamen, Fujian, China

Business mode
Production, Trade type, Service-oriented, Other
Production mode
Country / Region
Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Trade Capacity

Mode of transport DDP, DAP, DAT, CIP, CPT
Payment Methods Cash, Money Transfer, Acceptance Statement (A/P), Voucher Payment (CAD), Cash On Delivery (COD), Collection (D/P, D/A), Letter Of Credit (L/C), Correspondence (M/T), Other
Average lead time -
No. of trade staff -
Main sales market Global
Nearest port -
Import / Export rights Yes
Proportion of exports (%) 70%
Certificat of origin -

Production Capacity

Factory address -
Factory area 0~1000 ㎡
No. of production staff -
No. of R&D engineer 21~30
No. of QC staff 21~30
Maximum capacity ¥0 - 5,000,000
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Silicon carbide material
Silicon carbide material

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Advantage Of Technology

Raw materials Powder preparation
Alumina (Al2O3) Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Ceramic Metal Composite Silicate Glass Ceramics Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) Boron Carbide (B4C) Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Hafnium Diboride (HfB2) Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Silicon Carbide Fiber Reinforced Silicon Carbide Matrix Composite Spodumene(Li2O·Al2O3·4SiO2) Spinel (MgO·Al2O3) Lead Titanium Zirconate Solid Phase Reaction Pyrolysis Precipitation Method Emulsification Method
Molding Sintering process
Dry Press Molding Electrophoretic Deposition Modeling Injection Molding Spark Plasma Sintering
Precision machining Surface treatment
Powder Coating Screen Printing -


Glass Industry
Dielectric Material,Thermal Resistance Material,Materials For Furnace Construction,Grinding Materials
Electric Equipment、parts
Rolling Bearing Application,Sliding Bearing Application
Electronics Industry
IC Chip,Integrated Circuit,Backplane Material,Sensor,The Sensor,Component-inductance,Component-capacitor,Component-resistance,Crystal Oscillator,Power Management,Analog/Logic And Timing
Discrete Device
Discrete Device-protection Device,Discrete Device-diode,Discrete Device-Optoelectronic Device,Discrete Device-thyristor,Discrete Device-Other,Discrete Device-transistor
Sensitive Ceramic Materials
Photosensitive Ceramic Material,Gas-sensitive Ceramic Material,Thermal Ceramic Material,Moisture-sensitive Ceramic Material,Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Material
Plate,Foam Insulation Material,Fireproof Cloth,Sandwich Material,Foam Composite Material,Ceramic Products,Ceramic Fiber (CF),Fiberboard
Textile Industry
Textile Equipment Parts,Spun Ceramic Fiber,Other Raw Materials
Transparent Ceramics,Optical Glass, Detection,Photography Technology,Light-storing Materials
Material Application
Composite Materials,Composite Fiber Material,Insulation Material
Bulletproof Parts
Composite Armor
Military Components
High-performance Bearing Components
Purification Device
Porous Materials
Environmental Engineering
Purification Device,Ceramic Membrane Separation Application
Metal Processing
Reinforcement Of Alloy Materials,Metal Processing,Metal Cutting,Aluminum Casting,Melting Process,Carburizing Equipment
Mechanical Industry
Mechanical Equipment, Parts,Grinding Composite Materials,Blade Parts,Bearing Parts,Coating Technology,Cutting Tools,Roller Parts
Mechanical Equipment, Parts
Ceramic Parts
Measuring Instrument
X-ray Precision Structure Analysis,Gas Chromatography Detection,Thermal Measurement,Weight Measurement
Cable Polymer Material,Energy-saving Ceramic Fiber,Ceramic Membrane Separation Technology,Ceramic Fuel
Engine Parts,Exhaust System Components,Car Surface Spraying,Sensors,Electrical System,Hybrid
Food Industry
Packaging Materials,Ceramic Membrane Material
Plastic Engineering
Ceramic Products, Filling Modified Materials,Coating Technology
Ceramic Connection Technology
Surface Metallization,Glass Connection,Partial Transient Liquid Phase Connection (PTLP),Ultrasonic Assisted Ceramic Connection,Reactive Air Brazing,High Temperature Active Brazing,Solid Phase Diffusion Connection,Active Metal Brazing,Mechanical Connection,Transient Liquid Phase Connection (TLP),Binder Bonding,Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS)
Medical Materials And Technology
Human Implant
Biological And Medical Engineering
Medical Device Parts
Non-ferrous Metals
Application Of Anti-corrosion And Wear-resistant Materials,The Application Of Thermal Spraying Process,Kiln Design Application,Metallurgical Process Application
Paper Industry
Ceramic Membrane Separation Technology,Coating Technology,Filtration Device,Paper Machinery Parts
Defense Military Industry
Military Components,Coating Process,Ceramic Membrane Separation Technology
Chemical Process
Filter Material,Heat Storage Material,Filler,Catalyst Carrier,Purification System,Heat Exchanger Components,Application Of Piezoelectric Devices,Ceramic Membrane Separation Application,Molecular Sieve Application,Coating Technology
Consumer Goods
Digital Products,Toys,Watches,Jewellery,Cosmetics,Home Furniture,Sports Equipment,Personal Care Equipment
Lightweight Structural Materials,Coating Materials (T/EBCs),Brake System,Cooling System,High Temperature Structural Parts,Optical Structure, Thermal Protection System (TPSs),Electrical Components,Regulation Components,Support Structure
Electrical Engineering
Motor Application,Capacitor Application,Application Of Electric Spindle,Cable Polymer,Fireproof/refractory Materials,Insulation Materials,Energy Storage Materials,Ceramic Fuel,Select Application

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No. 502 Building 2, five stone business center, qishan north rd, Huli district, Xiamen