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Oxygenates, Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2)

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Ceramic Knife

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Sharp cutting edge. It can cut the meat in very thinner shape. High hardness and never be worn. Wearing resistance is 60times than metal knives. NO rustiness. health and environment protection. It can resist all kinds of acid, alkali organic matters. NO pollution and easy to clean. No magnetism and high density without pores. Keep the original taste of food.Stable chemical property and there will not be reaction with food. Snow-white,pearly and spotless.
Product Details

Ceramic knife is made of nano and high purity zirconia powder.It is made by isostatic pressing,high temperature sintering and fine grinding.it is known as "Ceramic Steel" due to more superior hardness and wearing resistance than metal.Ceramic knife fully reflects the concept of Green Initiative. It is another masterpiece by advanced technology. Ceramic knife is made of zirconia powderi it is used in modern kitchen which has more advantages than metal knives.


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