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The zirconia grinding media
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Oxygenates, Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2), Nitride, Zirconium Nitride (ZrN)

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The zirconia grinding media

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The zirconia grinding media was made by high quality raw materials and advanced processing technique. It can be used by sand mill, grinder, agitatorball mill, roller globe mill to make efficient clean, economic, environmental protection grinding materials to electronic pastes, non-metallic ore, paint pigments, printing ink, farm chemical, foods. medicine and so on.

Compared with the traditional grinding media such as alumina balls, zirconium silicate balls, steel balls, agate balls and glass pearls, the zirconia grinding media ( Y-TZP grinding media) has high density, high hardness and strong durablilty features, which provide it higher grinding efficiency than the traditional grinding media. High—wearing zirconia grinding media is environmental friendly, and it can protect purity of materials from chemical corrosion.

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