Ti(C,N) Matrix Cerment Grinding ball
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Ti(C,N) Matrix Cerment Grinding ball

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Product name:Ti(C,N) Matrix Cerment Grinding ball

SEM photo:

Product performance characteristics:

1. High hardness, carbon nitride titanium fund ceramic hardness is higher than WC based hard alloy, generally suitable for processing cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy and other metal materials.

2. Excellent wear resistance.

3. High heat resistance.

4. High oxidation resistance. TiO2 formed after TiC oxidation is lubricated, so the oxidation degree of Ti(C,N) base ceramics is about 10% lower than that of WC base cemented carbide.

5. Good chemical stability.

6. The surface is polished by fine grinding with low friction coefficient.


Product application:

1. Widely used in finishing industry, such as: spraying machine, water pump, mechanical parts, sealing valve, brake pump, punching hole, oil field, hydrochloric acid laboratory, fishing gear, counterweight, decoration, etc.

2. Cermet grinding balls are suitable for precision bearings, such as ball bearings and sealing valves.

3. Cermet grinding ball can be used as instrument, such as hardness tester.


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