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Liquid-phase Sintered Silicon Carbide

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With the progress of industrialization, the requirements of silicon carbide ceramic materials are increasingly higher. In order to improve strength, toughness and usability of the silicon carbide ceramics, we have developed liquid-phase sintered silicon carbide ceramics LS-SIC, which is characterized by high strength, good toughness, and strong impact resistance, and is particularly suitable for mechanical parts with certain shock and alternating load. Because of additives to improve the strength and toughness, its highest service temperature and corrosion resistance are lower than pressureless sintered products. The maximum service temperature of our
liquid-phase sintered silicon carbide is 1250oC, i.e., its strength will not decline below 1250oC. Performance characteristics: high hardness (> 2100), high strength (> 650Mpa), small density (3.24g/cm3), lower cost of production than pressureless sintered silicon carbide products, suitable for mass production. Suitable for: workpieces with general requirements on abrasion resistance but high requirements on bending strength and resistance to shock such as gasket rings of large-size machines for rinsing conditions, hard panels for lightweight ballistic armor, lightweight wear parts with complex shapes and forces etc.

Performance Unit Pressureless Sintered 
Silicon Carbide
Adopted Standard
Purity SiC-Wt% 90 -
Graphite content Wt% <0.5 -
Other oxides Wt% <10 -
Density g/cm3 >3.24 ASTM C 20
Grain size μm 5-10 ASTM E 112
Modulus of elasticity MPa 405 ASTM C 848
Compression strength GPa 4.0 GB/T8489-2006
Bending strength MPa 550 GB/T6569-2006
Fracture toughness MPa m1/2 6.7 GB/T23806-2009
Hardness HK500 >1900 GB/T16534-2009
Poisson ratio   0.14 -
Specific heat capacity J/kg K 674 -
Heat conductivity W/m K 67 ASTM C 408
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6K-1 (0-1500oC) 4.38 GB/T16535-1996
Weibull modulus   18 ASTM C 1239
Maximum service 
oC 1250 -


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