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High purity high density alumina ceramic plates

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First,green body microstructure is uniform, the product density is high, does not lose powder.

Second, the green body has high density and high strength, which can prevent the macro and micro defects (deformation, cracking, etc.) caused by shrinkage in the subsequent process.

Third, close to the net size molding, can reduce the difficulty of cold processing, and can be customized according to customer requirements for special parts;

Fourthly,near net-shape forming technique for ceramics, low thermal expansion rate, good mechanical strength, high wear resistance, and accurate parallelism and planeness after processing.
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Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, photovoltaic, LCD, semiconductor and other industries.

This product can be applied to all kinds of high requirements, high performance, grinding environment, in the production of large-size ceramic parts has technical advantages, can completely replace the same domestic and foreign products, and has a good cost performance.

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