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Concrete pump pipe and elbow

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Product Introduction: The concrete pump pipes and elbows are suffering serious abrasion & impact problems because of the high speed pump concrete. The normal carbon steel pipes under such high abrasion and impact condition are very easy to wear out. To solve the serious abrasion & impact in the concrete pump pipe fittings, we developed our own patent products called KCPP wear resistant ceramic lined concrete pump pipe fittings. By lining our ceramic liners into the seamless carbon steel pipe fittings, the working lifetime can prolong more than 8 times.

Specifications:We are able to provide all different types of ceramic lined concrete pump pipes. We can also make the standard and custom ceramic lined concrete pump pipes according to customers’ requirement.


1.The service lifetime prolong at least 8 times.
2. It is standard flange connection, easy for installation.
3.The weight is lighter than normal carbon steel pipe.
4.It can reduce the shutdown time and maintenance to increase the working efficiency.

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