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Ceramic wear-resisting liner ceramic piece
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Ceramic wear-resisting liner ceramic piece

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1.Main performance index:

       95 Porcelain                                                      92 Porcelain

Aluminum Oxide, AI2O3,  ≥95%                 Aluminum Oxide, AI2O3,  ≥92%

Moh’s hardness         9                              Moh’s hardness         9 

Rockwell hardness,     ≥85HRA                   Rockwell hardness,     ≥82HRA

Water absorption,       ≤0.2%                    Water absorption,       ≤0.2%

Volume density,        ≥3.65g/cm3              Volume density,        ≥3.62g/cm3 

Compressive strength,   ≥850MPa               Compressive strength,   ≥840MPa

Bending strength,       ≥320MPa                 Bending strength,      ≥300MPa

Thermal conductivity,    20w/m.k               Thermal conductivity,   20w/m.k

Abrasion,              ≤0.0 2%                      Abrasion,              ≤0.0 2%


2.The performance feature of wear-resisting ceramics:

A.It has high hardness with 80HRA of general value and maximum over 92HRA.

B.It has excellent wear resistance as over 200 times as that of ordinary carbon steel and over 10 times of high-chromium iron.

C.It is in light weight: The proportion of alumina is about 3.6, silicon carbide is about 2.7 and zirconia is about 6.

D.It has good heat resistance: The heat resistance is not the same for the different wear-resisting ceramics, but its heat resistance will have no problems when it is used in the sites of particle erosion resistance.


3.The range of application: Ceramic wear-resisting plate is used mainly in the various conveying equipments for all kinds of particulate matters with high-hardness and high abrasion including the mechanical equipments of coal and material transporting systems, coal pulverizing system and ash discharge and dust removal systems in electric power, heating power, steel and iron, coal, cement, mine, smelt, petroleum, building materials, chemical industry, draught fan, paper-making, machinery, powder engineering, food machinery and tobacco. According to the different combination modes with metallic matrix, it can be used not only in the internal surfaces of static components, such as pipeline, bend, separator, chute, valve, all shells and others, but also in the high-speed rotating equipments, such as fan rotor, impeller, drum and others.


4.Regular sizes

10×10×1.5mm, 10×10×3mm;10×10×5mm, 10×10×7mm;10*10*10mm;

17.5×17.5×3mm, 17.5×17.5×5mm;17.5*17.5*7;17.5*17.5*10

20×20×5mm, 20×20×7mm;20*20*10

100*30/27*10mm ;120*40/37*10mm;150*50/47*10;150*60/57*15



Especially, we can make customization and processing for the all kinds of irregular parts by your demands 

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