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Raw materials
Oxygenates, Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2)

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Sintering process

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Ceramic watch

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zirconium ceramicseries watch accessories,such as watchband grain,watch bezel,watch dial,watch tightener and watch case.

They have the following features:

Hardness approaches to natural diamond:lighter than metal:never be worn and torn,never change colour like gem.

High wear and oxidation resistance,Never rust,never change colour,never cause skin allergy.

High insulation:no metal and plating pollution:it is the ideal eco-friendly material for clock and watch industry.

High density color ceramic watch、case,watch dial,watch tightener and its texture and visual effect is beyong ordinary!

Super high hardness,attractive and durable,without harm to skin,with unique luster,elegant and outstanding.

Modern and fashionable design will bring customers with substantial econmomic benefits.

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