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Ceramic slats

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Today's outdoor walls and interiors are decorated with different decorative materials. At present, ceramic plates are a new type of decorative material.

        It is mainly made of zirconia or alumina ceramic plates with strong weather resistance, regardless of sunshine, rain (even acid rain), or moisture The surface and substrate have no effect.

        It’s very stable and suitable for use as a decoration in architecture, like: Wire drawing machine Ceramic tiles, which inherit the excellent performance of ceramic plates and become the current rookie in the construction industry.

        and its dense material surface makes it difficult for dust to adhere, making it easier to clean. Therefore, the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvent without any influence on the color. It has excellent fire resistance properties, it does not melt, drip or explode, and it can remain stable for a long time. Easy to maintain, no paint or protective finish on the surface and cutting edges. Unaffected by weather changes, whether it is sun or rain, or sudden changes in temperature, the core and appearance of ceramic plates will not change.

         is currently the preferred product in the construction industry.

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