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Ceramic grinding media
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Ceramic grinding media

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Extremely Durable Materials for Exceptional Grinding Performance


HC provides a number of highly durable materials specifically formulated to ensure reliably consistent performance for your bulk material preparation.


We can help with standard and custom applications.

Grinding Media Applications:

•Silica sand manufacturing

•Decorative ceramic tile manufacturing

•White cement manufacturing

•Non-metallic mineral grinding

•Rods and media balls for wear-resistant applications

•Inert tower packing for chemical processing

•Filler material for plastic and paper products

Micro-Media Applications:

•Paint mixing and manufacturing

•Pigement manufacturing

•Wear-resistant epoxy resins

Ball-Mill Linings

•Grinding Media


Advanced Materials:

Alumina                                      Zirconia (for special applications)

•AD-995 (99.5% Al2O3)           •ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alimuna) ZrO2 Al2O3

•AD-92 (92% Al2O3)                •TTZ (Transformation Toughened Zirconia) ZrO3

•AD-90 (90% Al2O3)

•AD-85 (85% Al2O3)



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