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Ceramic filter plate, also known as ceramic filter, ceramic plate and filter plate, is a new filter medium made of corundum and silicon carbide by special techniques. Our ceramic filter plates have been widely used in the filter dewatering of iron concentrate, zinc concentrate, copper concentrate, nickel concentrate, aluminum concentrate, gold concentrate, and other non-metallic concentrates and the solid-liquid separation of coal, fine chemical engineering, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, food, environmental protection and other sectors.

II. Types of ceramic filter plates

1. Classification according to the filtration area and dimensions

According to the filtering area, our ceramic plates can be divided into 1m2-6m2

 According to the dimensions, our ceramic plates can be divided into base plate and steel bar special plate.

2. Classification according to the filtering accuracy

Small bore series: 2um, 3um, 5um, 7um etc.

Medium bore series: 40-50um

Big Bore Series: 85-95um

III. Hexing ceramic filter plate

 Currently, through technological reform, the hexing ceramic filter plate has adjusted the production technique to overall round hole channel shaping and integral sintering. Compared with other types of ceramic plates, it has the features such as stable structure, good acid and alkali resistance, good pressure resistance and high regeneration capability.

Advantages of the overall shaping technology:

1. Good pressure resistance- high backwashing pressure - long life

2. Use the fully automated machines to prepare stable, reliable and smooth filter layers.

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