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Oxygenates, Magnesia (MgO)

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Ceramic block

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MgO Ceramic

Magnesium oxide ceramic tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength is lower than the Al2O3 ceramic, its strength is low in high temperature. MgO is a good insulator,in room temperature its resistivity>1014Ω•cm.with the temperature increases, resistivity reduced sharply, MgO ceramic is a typical basic refractory, it can work stable under oxidizing atmosphere or nitrogen protection to 2400℃. MgO ceramic can be used for smelting metal crucible, in the atomic energy industry it is also suitable for smelting high purity of uranium and thorium, It’s also can be used as a thermocouple protection tube.

The main parameters:

Model Melting point

Bulk density    g/cm³

Resistivity(room temperature)

Mohs hardness
99%MgO ceramic 2800℃±13℃ 3.30~3.55 >1014Ω•cm 6


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