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Black Silicon carbide sand
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Black Silicon carbide sand

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Black silicon carbide is quartz (SIO2) petroleum coke (C) or coal tar sawdust as the basic raw material in high temperature electric resistance furnace smelting of non-metallic minerals, because its color is dark blue, so called black silicon carbide is its main chemical composition of silicon carbide (SiC > 98%), minor impurities (free carbon, free silicon, SIO2, Fe2O3) , impurity content less than 2%.  Black silicon carbide with high hardness, small expansion coefficient, crisp, good heat conductivity characteristics, for grinding or cutting up strength low of non-ferrous materials, such as non-ferrous metal wood leather plastic stone silicate materials (glassCeramic concrete refractory) and cast iron are widely used as high quality refractories due to their high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance

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