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CO,HC,and NOx go through purifier made of multi-hole cordierite catalyst honeycomb carrier, it make the gases more active and do oxide-reducing chemical reaction. CO is oxidized into no color and no poison CO2 under high temperature. HC chemical compound is oxidized into H2O and CO2. NOx is restored into nitrogen gas. The poisonous gases are made into unpoisonous gas to make them pure.


Physical Properties:
1) Compressive strength

2) Porosity/water absorption

3) Bulk density

4) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

5) Thermal Conductivity

1.5…1.6 W/mk at temperature 25C…600C

6) Specific Heat Capacity


7) Continuous High Temperature Durability

Maximum shrinkage of length after 100 hours at 1200C 
200MCI 400MCI
Maximum:0.5% 0.1%

8) High Temperature Stability

Maximum shrinkage after 100 hours at 1450C 
200 MCI400 MCI

9) Gas Flow Resistance

Flow speed 16m/s200 MCI400 MCI
Pressure drop {10-2mmAg/mm} 60130

10) Structural Integrity to Thermal Shock

(Cooling with water)
Cracks start at approx. 800C 
No destruction of ceramic bodies until approx. 1180C

11) Softening temperature

Definition: temperature, at which the instantaneous rate of thermal expansion is zero.
Procedure: analogous to coefficient of thermal expansion; determination with extrapolation.

Minimum: 1380C 

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