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Alumina Grinding Ball
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Alumina (Al2O3), Oxygenates

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Alumina Grinding Ball

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Compared to the other normal ceramic grinding media, the main improvement of RS380 Ceramic Grinding Media is the double-performance of wear-resistance.

Based on special formula design, RS380 also has much better impact resistance. With RS380 ceramic beads, the contamination from the grinding media into final product can be much reduced. RS380 is the best choice for Nano- size materials milling application. It saves the milling process cost and improve the materials purity at same time.

Product parameters

Physical Properties typical date
density(g/cm³) 3.72
Moh's hardness 9
Water Absorption% <0.01
Abrasion ‰ <0.06
Dia 0.5-90mm
Chemical Properties typical date
Al2O3(%) ≥95
SiO2(%) ≤3

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