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Alumina ceramic ring
Raw materials
Alumina (Al2O3), Oxygenates

Powder preparation


Sintering process

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Alumina ceramic ring

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          Unit 95% Al2O3 99%Al2O3

Density density g/cm3 3.6 3.9

Flexural Strength Flexural Strength MPa 313 340

Compressive Strength Compressive Strength MPa 3400 3600

Modulus of Elasticity Modulus of Elasticity GPa 350 380

Impact Resistance Impact Resistance MPa•m1/2 4 5.1

Weibull Modulus Vipor coefficient m 10 10

Vickers Hardness Vickers Hardness HV0.5 1500 1650

Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity W/mk 24 27

Highest Application Temperature Maximum operating temperature °C 1750 1750

Volume Resistivity at 20°C 20°C volume resistance Ω.cm20 >1014 >1014

Dielertric strength dielectric strength KV/mm 20 25

Thermal expansion Thermal expansion coefficient X10-6/K 5.0-8.3 5.4-8.3

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