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Activated alumina
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Activated alumina

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Active alumina has many capillary channels with large surface area, which can be used as adsorbent, desiccant and catalyst. At the same time, according to the polarity of the adsorbate, it has a strong affinity for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali and so on. It is a kind of deep desiccant with micro water and an adsorbent for adsorbing polar molecules.
Active alumina is similar to anion exchange resin in defluorination, but the selective anion resin for fluoride ion is large. The activated alumina has good adsorption and defluorination effect and stable capacity. It absorbs 6400 grams of fluorine per cubic meter of activated alumina. The product has the advantages of high strength, low wear, no swelling, no pulverization and no cracking. It can be widely used in the deep drying of petroleum cracking gas, ethylene propylene gas, hydrogen production, air separation unit, instrument air dryer, fluoride treatment of dioxygen water, and can also remove the sulfur gas hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbon and other pollutants in the waste gas, especially for the fluorine-containing water.

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