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Porcelain crucible
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Porcelain crucible

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Ceramic crucible is widely used in the production of polycrystalline silicon!
Advantages of Our Ceramic crucible
1.Unique homogeneous structure and a slightly higher porosity, so that products with good thermal shock resistance, anti cracking ability.
2.Unique surface structure and proper surface roughness, especially for silicon nitride coating spraying, coating is not flaking easy.
3.Crucible mold processing and high precision, long service life, the crucible size consistency, wall thickness can be accurately controlled as customer's request, basically Thick, is helpful in the casting process of thermal field distribution, and can satisfy the ingot casting process for the crucible size specific requirements, improve the quality of the ingot.
4.According to the polycrystalline silicon ingot production process requirements, melted the silicon material during the crystal growth process, and a side wall of the crucible has certain thermal insulation effect, and the heat is uniformly, so theoretically, thicker sidewall, under the uniform crucible in favor of silicon crystal growth.
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